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Bastion Point: 507 days on Takaparawha

November 23, 2018

This is one of the ‘My New Zealand Story’ series. Each book is written as a fictional diary of a young person living during an important event or time period in New Zealand history.

Erica has plans for the summer. She will be spending the holidays training and caring for her horse ‘Silver’. However, her parents decide they will join the occupation of Takaparawha. We follow events, as they happen, in Erica’s diary. She is annoyed, frustrated and cannot understand why everybody seems determined to wreck her life. However, she is also a considerate, respectful and intelligent young lady and, as the occupation continues, Erica begins to understand and be proud of the reasons behind the occupation.

Most of New Zealand watched this event unfold through the media, through the eyes of the politicians. Though the expression ‘fake news’ has sprung into common usage recently, tall tales masquerading as fact have been around for a very long time. Erica’s diary tells us how it really was.

A very interesting read, it made me want to revisit New Zealand’s history of that time.  It was a finalist in the Junior Fiction category of the 2017 Zealand Book Awards for Children.

Highly recommended.


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