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November 28, 2018

Our library has a wide selection of DVDs for members to rent.  Yes, it’s a bit old-fashioned in these days of streaming, however, in a District of many rural residents, not everyone has access to unlimited internet – and so we still have a DVD collection!    Some of the new DVDs we’ve purchased lately:

The Winchester – starring Helen Mirren, this movie is based on the true story of the widow, Sarah Winchester, who inherited the vast Winchester (repeating rifle) fortune.

During her lifetime, Sarah built a mansion, but she never stopped building. At one point it had seven stories with 161 rooms, including 40 bedrooms, 2 ballrooms (one completed and one unfinished) as well as 47 fireplaces, over 10,000 panes of glass, 17 chimneys, two basements and three elevators. According to the movie, Sarah was haunted by the victims of the Winchester rifle, and the only way to lay the ghosts to rest was to rebuild the room they died in, to assist them to cross over. Once that ghost was gone, the room would be boarded up or remodelled for the next one.  In the film, a pyschiatrist has been employed to assess Sarah’s mental state, in a bid to take over the Winchester company. He stays in the residence for a time and is thoroughly frightened by the experiences. In my opinion, it’s only the presence of Helen Mirren that saves this movie. It has a few small frights, and plenty of potential, but never quite reaches the level of horror it could have. At least I learned a bit of history! 6/10


I, Tonya – as a fan of figure skating (and being old enough to remember the scandal involving Tonya Harding) I was quite keen to watch this.  It was illuminating as a biography of Tonya Harding, as I hadn’t realised quite what a difficult life she’d had, but I really didn’t enjoy it much. It wasn’t really drama but it wasn’t comedy either, in my opinion. 5/10

Jumanji, Welcome to the jungle – what a rip-roaring adventure comedy!  Set in the modern day as a semi-sequel to the original Jumanji starring Robin Williams, this movie catapaults some teens into the game (instead of the game into this world, as previously). The kids become avatars, and have only five lives to spend in their efforts to get out, or they will be trapped there forever. Very funny. Highly recommended for the whole family.  8.5/10

Downsizing – in a world where the population has grown out of control, a scientist has discovered how to miniaturise people!  Therefore, whole miniature cities can be populated by miniature people, saving Earths resources and ultimately, the human race. In my opinion, this movie disguised a serious commentary on human nature in the guise of a comedy drama. It was sad at times, particularly when Matt Damon’s character is left stranded in his new miniature life when his wife fails to complete her miniaturisation procedure. It was interesting, and had a few funny moments, and a few touching moments, but to me it seemed like a film that didn’t quite know what it wanted to achieve.   Overall, 5/10.

Mission Impossible : Fallout – Ethan Hunt and his team are in another race against time in this unrelenting action movie. Incredible stunts.  9/10.



The Breaker Upperers – two women have created a small business assisting people to break up with their significant others.  But things get a little complicated … Hilarious NZ film.  8/10

If you have a movie or TV series that you’d like to suggest we purchase, remember you can do so from our website (see the ‘submit a suggestion’ button on the left column) or using the tab on this blog.

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