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The impossible boy

December 4, 2018

‘The Impossible Boy’ by Leonie Agnew is set in an undisclosed European country in the midst of civil war. Six year old Benjamin is caught in a train explosion and his parents have disappeared and quite possibly died. Ben has an older childhood friend, Vincent, who takes him under his wing and finds an orphanage for him to live in. However, Vincent is mysteriously different. He is not possible. The orphanage is overcrowded with children to the point where as soon as they turn fourteen a child must leave and take their chances on the wartorn streets.

‘The Impossible Boy’ tells how the children cope with extreme stress and hardship. They resort to criminal activities in order to survive. It is a story of adversity, courage, friendship and belief.

Written for Year 7/8 and older children (11+), this story is disturbing, thought provoking and, above all, an amazing read. And yes, it does have a satisfying ending.

PS (The Impossible Boy won the David Fickling Master of the Inkpot Award 2015 and the Storylines Notable Book Award 2017)


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