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Bird box … a review (no spoilers)

January 12, 2019

The Netflix adaptation of ‘Bird box’ by Josh Malerman has been news lately. Like many, I watched the film before reading the book – although a colleague of mine read it before watching it.  Interestingly, she found the TV characters portrayed quite differently than she imagined them, and I spent the entire time whilst reading the book, imagining the TV characters, and thought they fitted the book characters well!

‘Bird box’ is an apocalyptic story which begins when an invisible ‘invasion’ by some sort of creature occurs all over the world – it’s not clear whether these are extraterrestrial or not. Any human that sees them goes mad, and commits suicide. American woman Malorie is pregnant, and during the chaos, she finds her way to a house that is taking in survivors. There, her pseudo-family live hidden inside the house, with the windows tightly covered. After a time, several others are admitted into the house – there is danger in that, as they all have to shut their eyes when opening the door … the invisible creatures could get inside.  They also have to leave the house to forage for supplies.  No spoilers here so I won’t tell you what happens ; suffice to say that it’s not all smooth sailing, and eventually some survivors have to leave the house for good and undertake a perilous journey to find a safer place.

I found the book slightly different in places (e.g. Malorie suffered an injury at one point) but on the whole, it was about 95% identical. Actress Sandra Bullock, who stars as Malorie, certainly did the role justice, in my opinion.  It’s well worth reading the book to deepen your understanding of the story. Enjoy!



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