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Charlaine Harris creates Gunnie Rose

February 1, 2019

Charlaine Harris, of the Southern Vampire/True Blood series, has created a new world. “An easy death” is set in an alternate reality where the US government was overthrown early on, and America was divided up. Now, there is Brittania, Texoma, New America, and the Holy Russian Empire (HRE) where deposed Tsar Alexei established his new realm.

There is a curious mixture of technologies. E.g. transport is by foot, horses, wagons, cars, buses and trains. Some people have electricity and regrigerators,  but other people like like the poor of the pioneer west.  Weapons are rifles, pistols and magic. It’s probably around the 1930s I reckon.

The storyline itself is quite enthralling. Lizbeth Rose, aka Gunnie Rose, is the nineteen-year-old daughter of a Texoma woman and a passing HRE wizard who raped her. Therefore she has slight magical abilities. She makes her living as a hired gun, escorting travelers and guarding people. Out on a job, her crew is ambushed, and so she is eventually forced to accept a less-than-desirable job accompanying two HRE wizards on their mission to find a living descendent of Rasputin. It turns out that their blood is the only kind that can successfully be used in transfusions to save the Tsar from his blood disease.

Secretly, Lizbeth realises that she herself fits the bill. But she keeps that to herself, sticking with the wizards in the hopes they will lead her to a half-sister, and perhaps an Uncle. An Uncle who may have witnessed her murder her father … an Uncle that needs killing.

The whole novel is a bit of a rollicking western-adventure-mystery with a dash of magic and romance in it. Much like the Sookie Stackhouse stories I suppose. So if you liked those, you’ll like this. “An Easy Death” is the first in the new Gunnie Rose series, but it still works as a standalone novel too (in case you want to dip your toe in).

7/10  Natalie

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