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ANZAC Day Thoughts

April 25, 2019

I see them now, the Great War vets on Anzac Days gone by

when I was just a youngster, curious, wondering why

they looked so very sombre, lifeless, lost and sad.

“They’re getting old, not many left,” the comment from my dad.

They did look old, but how could I begin to understand

that as they shuffled into line behind our Sally band

the unshared vivid memories of things they’d seen and done

were flooding back to strangle them beneath the Autumn sun.

I can’t imagine more than just a fraction of their pain

but were it possible for me to live my life over again

on Anzac Days I hope I would approach that sombre crew

and tell each bloke, in gratitude, “I will remember you”.


© Murray Orchard (2018)

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