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A tangle of magic

May 23, 2019

Penelope is 9 years old, and lives with her mother and grandmother. For as long as she can remember she’s had gray hair, and also the ability to know what her mum is going to say before she says it. One day, her mum has an accident and has to go to hospital for a few weeks. During this time, Penelope wakes up one morning and her gray hair has turned bright red!  Not only that, but she feels different … light, and full of possibilities. In fact, quite by accident, she discovers that she can fly, talk to the roadway, and other strange things start to happen…

Her father, she believes, is dead. But he isn’t. In fact, it seems that long ago, he left her mother and baby Penelope for another woman. Penelope discovers that every month he posts a letter of cash, and she vows to track him down and punish him for the pain he’s caused. Which she does, but the situation isn’t what she expected at all, and she has to embrace her new-found abilities to save him.

The author, Valija Zinck, was born in Ingolstadt, Germany, and worked as a dance teacher and choreographer for fifteen years. She lives with her family in Berlin.

A tangle of magic” is absolutely delightful. Full of magic and adventure. I hope we see more of Penelope in the future. Recommended for boys and girls.




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