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Living on the moon

June 20, 2019

In his follow-up novel to the massive hit “The Martian”, Andy Weir has switched planets from Mars to Earth’s moon.  Humans established a city colony on the moon decades ago, called ‘Artemis’, where the people live in pressurized domes which are connected to each other by tunnels and trains.  When 24-year-old Jazz Bashara can finally pass her EVA Guild test, she will be able to offer guided tours and participate in the lucrative tourist trade, but for now, working as a porter/smuggler is her most lucrative option.

One of her best clients offers her the chance to make a fortune, if she will assist him to sabotage a company’s aluminium smelting operation so that he can purchase the company, and take over the by-product oxygen supply trade at the same time.  She almost succeeds, however it results in her clients murder, and mafia hitmen are now on her trail.  It seems like the aluminium operation was just a cover, and she has stumbled into a plot to take over the entire moon economy.  With the help of her friends, Jazz develops a risky plan to prevent this happening – but it could mean everyone in the whole city dies.

In my view, this novel wasn’t quite as good as The Martian, but I did still enjoy it. Weir still used excellent wit and humour, and obviously knows his subject matter.  I think that writing in first-person female would have been pretty challenging, so maybe that was it, but he’s done a good job of character development.  All in all, definitely one worth reading.  7/10



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