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2019 Poetry Competition Entry – “The perfection curse”

July 11, 2019

“THE PERFECTION CURSE” –  by Murray Orchard

Why are others so inferior to me? I see their faults and failings
Why is it that they just can’t be, like me, so, well, amazing?
I’ve often wondered how these strange folk come out as they do
Why their actions don’t adhere to standards like mine do

But I planted beans again this year; same plot, same dirt, same water
I fed them fertiliser there, but they didn’t grow as they oughta
It seems that subtle changes from one year to another
Make the crops of veges grow different from each other

It’s made me think that people grow with subtle changes too
Same country, town, street, even home, yet different somehow from you
So I’ve got to try to stop myself from seeing them as they are
I need to see them as they’ve become – and that in terms of ‘so far’

We’re all a work in progress. ‘So far’ is what you get
If I’d had all their circumstances I’d be a lot different I’ll bet
If I’d had all their circumstances, I’d probably have come out worse
So I’ll cut them some slack and accept their faults and break this ‘perfection’ curse


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