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Grey Sister by Mark Lawrence

July 11, 2019

Novice Nona Grey, aged twelve, has now advanced to Grey Class.  The intensity of her lessons in fighting, stealth and magic have also increased, and she is usually pitted against the Chosen One, Zole, to whom she is the designated Shield.  However, politics soon intrudes into the convent life of Sweet Mercy when the Emperor’s sister, Sherzal (who is the head of the Inquisition), contrives to have Abbess Glass arrested on charges of heresy. All this is designed to have the skills of the Sisters under her control, and have access to Zole of course.  But the Abbess has forseen much, and has put her own plans in motion years ago.

But, while this is taking place, Nona was forced to flee the convent because her life is in danger. Sherzal has promised to deliver her to a Lord with a grudge. So Nona undertakes a quest she has long been planning – retrieving the stolen Shipheart that was taken from the Abbey at the cost of her friends life. Unfortunately, her plan is quickly thwarted and she finds herself a prisoner.

As Nona and the Abbess’ paths intertwine, and events build to a tense climax, I find myself rooting for them both – even though I’m beginning to wonder if Nona is on the good side or the bad? Is she the Shield or not? Plenty of action, intrigue and character development in this one. I can’t wait for the conclusion to this trilogy!



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