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2019 Poetry Competition Entry : On the north-west wind rise by Dessa Bluu

July 18, 2019


Not a single hound with a bright shiny necklace amongst the blue-blooded pack

Only the one psychotic bitch declared chronically mentally sick with bling around her neck

Diagnosed compulsive topsy-turvy belly up absurdity and out of control

Had sophisticated organs all the way upstairs in every day glee delusional

Doggedly confused never ending chase of her runaway tail, exhausted pants to no avail

Vertigo amplified wide-ranged so dreadful in general acquainted surround

Minor epoch traumatic sufferings, catastrophic and daily recurrent

By the shadowed hunters grossly overzealous as well as inhumanly wild

Journeyed through age-old, blasé in the flesh no longer seeking to be held

Hideous mind confounded by devastations, completely zero impressive

Disordered and weary, leapt and extended at long last seized her battered tail

Collapsed dog-tired in a crumpled up muddle, greeted final laboured yelp

No more maladies forever departed, demented prized crown, by right extinct

Consoled relieved connected sympathised and yapped over blackened brand new stone

Suppressed forever, apprehensive fragilities with her showy sparkly band laid too

On the Hauraki plains, the north-west wind, up on a little rise near Pohutukawa

Where her happiest well-balanced whiles stood, long before assessed unwell

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