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2019 Poetry Competition : WINNER and runner-up

August 23, 2019

Our judge was very impressed by the quality of all 56 entries in this years competition. Thank you to everyone who participated ; we enjoyed reading your poems.  But there can only be one winner, and that is …. ‘The Present‘ by C Beale. Congratulations!   And the runner-up is ‘In not so golden days‘ by Lyn McConchie.


The Present

Way up in Alaska

Where the weather’s always cold,

An Inuit lived in an igloo

And he was brave and bold.


He caught fish and walrus

And polar bears and seals,

For his dear wife to skin and gut

To make delicious meals.


One day he had some money

So off he went to town

To buy a present for his wife—

He began to look around.


He walked into every shop

Trying to decide

He couldn’t make up his mind

No matter how he tried.


Then suddenly he saw it

Tall and gleaming white,

A refrigerator-the latest style,

They delivered it that night.


He showed his wife quite proudly

The left hand opening door,

His wife just glared and coldly said

” What did you buy that for?”


Feeling rather hurt he said

“So you don’t want it dear?”

She said “No you silly bugger

There’s no electricity in here!”

Mrs Beale











Runner-up, author Lyn McConchie, wrote “In not so golden days”

Lyn McConchie with Librarian Pamela Allen

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