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Welcome to the blog  for  Tararua District Library.    To log in to the library catalogue to renew items, etc, please visit 

Interesting reviews, news,  notices, links,  and other information are featured here.  We hope you enjoy visiting us often, and any feedback or suggestions are very welcome. Also, if you wish to contribute anything to the blog, please feel free to email us  your review or other item.

TARARUA DISTRICT LIBRARY IS ONE LIBRARY comprised of four community libraries. For a short time the Tararua District Library was run by a Trust, but reverted back to council funding in 2003.

 Dannevirke Library

The original privately funded library was a small wooden house in Allardice Street South, situated where the skate bowl now is. Then Andrew Carnegie used his fortune to build 2,507 libraries globally – 18 of these were built in NZ.  Mr Carnegie donated £2000 to build a Carnegie Library in Allardice Street (next door to the original library) which opened 27 May 1908. By 1984, the Carnegie building had become too small, so the library moved into part of the current council building in Gordon Street. The Carnegie Library was a youth centre for many years, but due to earthquake risk, from 2019 has had no tenants. Tararua District Council are currently considering whether to demolish or strengthen the building.

In 1994, the library was moved into a purpose built library in Station Street.

Dannevirke Library 2012

Dannevirke Library 2012

Carnegie Library Dvk

Carnegie Library Dvk

Pahiatua LibraryPahiatua Library

Built by the Jaques Bros in 1963, this building housed both Borough Council Chambers and Library, and is situated on the corner of Kiwi and Main Streets.

It is no longer the Council Chambers (the Service Centre is over the road), but there is a town hall attached to the rear.

Eketahuna LibraryEketahuna Library

Eketahuna Library was originally in the Borough Council building on Main Street. It used to occupy a fairly small area at the rear while the large front room was a newspaper reading room.  This building has since been demolished.

In 1994 the Library was moved to its present position on the corner of Bridge and Main Streets, in what had first been Eketahuna County Council Office, and then the Tararua District Council Office.

In 2002 walls were removed, to become the Community Library and Council Service Centre.


Woodville Library

In 1879, a public meeting was held to apply for money for a school library but it was decided instead to form a Public Library. A school room was to be the library with custodians taking care of the books. This room was also used for public meetings and church services. In 1883, a grant of ten pounds was received. The first  honourable Librarian was William G Crawford, and the library was open Tuesday and Friday afternoons.  In 1886, funds were low because only half of the 100 subscribers had paid their subscriptions (nine pounds five shillings).  The custodian Miss Jackson was paid two pounds two shillings.

Woodville Library originalIn 1887, a reading room with two living rooms was opened in Ormond Street. This became the residence of Mrs Grayland.

In 1903 a resolution was passed asking the Borough Council to take over the Library. In 2013, the library was amalgamated with the Council service centre, to become the Community Library & Service Centre. In 2017, a new custom-built library was opened.


District Librarians

2019 – current.  Mrs Brenda Graves

2009 – 2019.  Ms Heather Taylor


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    Congratulations. This is a great innovation.


  2. gabrielle T permalink

    Great to see the Library Blog, with the involvement of the public with the libraries. Good luck with it, and I hope we see lots of contributions! I look forward to reading it weekly.


  3. anuradha permalink

    Fantastic!!! This is a great information centre. I wonder how these beautiful palaces or say temples of knowledge have been maintained for so many years now. Now a days there are only a few of these kind and that too for students in the universities. I hope this gets a lot of people who love reading. Books are a world in themselves, worth visiting.


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