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Bookseats Aug 2017











Dot art – aboriginal art design, limited edition.  Funkadelic (above, bottom right) – limited edition. Elementary – periodic table limited edition.








Blue or beige


Dark red

1. The Book Seat

The best book holder ever!  $44.95 each incl Gst.   Cash/eftpos (no credit cards sorry). Parcel post within New Zealand is an extra $12.50. Courier post available on application.

Stock AVAILABLE at 25 Nov 2019:  Dannevirke – Turquoise (1), Dot art (3), Funkadelic (2), Elementary (2), Beige (1), Red (2), Orange (1), Blue (1 at half price as missing book holder).  Pahiatua – Orange (1), Aubergine purple (1), Paisley (1).  Woodville – Rose pink (2), Orange (1), Paisley (1).  Eketahuna – Orange (1), Paisley (1), Funkadelic (1).

There are 3 main benefits of The Book Seat;

  • it will mould to any surface and position
  • it will take any sized book and can be used for tablets
  • and you can read HANDS-FREE!

Alleviates the discomfort associated with holding a book for extended periods of time. No more aching arms or wrists whilst reading.

Helps to relieve aching shoulders and neckassociated with leaning over a desk or table when reading. The Book Seat™ elevates your book to create an optimum reading position.

Adjustable to any surface and angle. No need for a tray or table. The Book Seat™ can be used where most other book rests cannot; eg. In bed, at the beach, in a hammock or sitting curled up on the couch.

Multifunctional. The Book Seat™ can double as a travel pillow; in a car, bus, plane or napping at the beach. There is a pocket that can hold your reading glasses.

Multi tasking. The clear page holder enables you to read Hands-Free! Allowing you to read and do other things at the same time eg; eating, drinking, knitting, doing crafts, typing, writing, studying etc.

Holds different Book Sizes – Although it is designed for standard novels, larger books and magazines are easily accommodated.

Perspex Page Holder – ensures pages of the book remain open, keeping your hands-free.

Handy pocket – for reading glasses, sunglasses, mobile phone, pens or your favorite chocolate bar.

High quality – The material is the latest high quality 190gsm faux-suede. This material is very tactile and highly stain resistant.

Loop (Handle) – for storing on door handle, bed post or for carrying to beach.

Beans inside The Book Seat™ adjust to any surface (flat or uneven), making it perfect for reading in bed or for those who enjoy reading on your side.

Patents and copyrights apply

High quality – 190gsm Faux-Suede

12 month warranty against defective workmanship

2. The Tararua Tote Bag

Only $5 each, this quality calico bag is suitable for carrying library books. Available at all Tararua District Library branches.  Please contact for further information. Available in natural, vibrant yellow, green, blue or red (pictures true to colour).

Measurements:  42 cm H x 36 cm W   (big enough to hold A3 size item)

Photo - Tararua District Library - Calico Bags for Sale 2016




One Comment
  1. Penny Griffith permalink

    How much for a ‘book seat’ please? And how much for delivery to Dunedin? Many thanks, Penny Griffith


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