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Online Catalogue Instructions

Go to the website At the top right of screen, click Log In.  Enter your card number and passcode.

  •  How do I find out my card number?  Look on the back of your library card under the barcode.    e.g. B00 (B  zero zero) or TRB….
  •  How do I find out my passcode? Enter your card number then click on forgotten your passcode? Re-enter your card number, click submit. It will arrive in your inbox within 15 minutes, if we know your email address.


Once logged in, your name will at the top of the screen.  Click on My account to get access to:

Personal information – shows the name, address and email we have recorded for you.

  • Changing PIN – lets you change your passcode.
  • This is where you can adjust default lists.


Checkouts shows what is issued on your card, the due date, overdue items, how many times renewed and allows you to self-renew (twice).

Group Checkouts : if you are an adult with children linked to your card, you can also see their checkouts here. Please contact your local library if you would like this set up for children you are guarantor for.


Holds shows how many holds (reserves) you have placed, how many are ready to be collected, and you can amend your holds. If your hold is showing as ready, you cannot cancel online – contact your library.

Cancel hold – if you change your mind, you can cancel a hold as long as it isn’t already ‘ready for pickup’. If it is, contact your library to cancel it for you.

Edit pickup – you can change the library you want to pick your holds up from, as long as it isn’t already ‘ready for pickup’.

Suspend hold – if you are going away and don’t want any holds to be held for you while away, you can suspend the hold. Click select all, then suspend hold, and enter the start and end dates of the period you will be away.  (Start date cannot be the current day).


Amount Owing – shows your payment history


My Lists   – create lists and call them whatever you want!

Use the + to add a new list, or tick the box next to an existing list and use the to delete a list (it asks for final approval first).

Whatever list you’re using, you can select an action – place hold direct from your list / delete something on your list / email details of item / print details of item / move to another list / copy (duplicate) the item in another list.


How do I put items on a list?

Either by browsing the new book covers on the Home page, or use search to find items, then click in the box next to a title, and choose ‘add to my lists’ from select an action.  You can use the drop down arrow to select which list to put the item on.

*Default list – if you choose a list for this, future items will automatically be put on this list – you won’t be able to select from drop down list.  To remove, go to My Account, Preferences, to change your preferred list.


Help (question mark icon top right of screen) gives you advice on how to SEARCH for items within the catalogue, and how to use advanced searching techniques, and gives greater detail on all areas of the online catalogue.

Further help : next time you’re at your local library, a staff member can demonstrate how to use the online catalogue on either your own device, or one of our APNK free computers.

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