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Purchase Suggestions

If you wish to make a suggestion for purchase, please copy and paste the green details below into the form, and enter the corresponding details next to them. Then submit.

Should the librarians choose to purchase the item, you may place a hold on it (so you will be the first to get it);  if  not, the librarians can interloan it for you. Please make sure you answer those questions – yes or no.  Thank you.

Note: there is a small fee for holds and interloans. See prices here.

Your name:

Your contact phone or email:

Your library card number:  B00



ISBN [If known] :

Reserve if purchased:  (answer yes or no)

Interloan if not: (answer yes or no)

  1. anuradha permalink

    I think it would be a great help if we can get the details of the books in the library. I know it would be a bit tough job but it would make our purchasing easier, or if ask about the book we want and we can be replied soon if it is available in the respective library or not.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Hi there. Thanks for your comment.
    The online catalogue shows all book details and availability, and you can reserve items there too. Click on the link under ‘To Search Our Catalogue’ top right of screen, or you can access the catalogue through the council website too

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