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Help Australian wildlife ravaged by bushfires!

All branches of Tararua District Library are now a collection point for donations of animal rescue crafts (knitted, crocheted or machine sewn pouches, bags, etc) for Australian Wildlife suffering from the recent fires.  You can drop your creations off there, and be sure that we will see that it gets there.

UPDATE 13 JAN 2020:

The AARCG is full of supplies and currently stocktaking. Please do not send any more items.  However, they suggest either donating what you’ve made to local animal shelters, if useful, OR create Australian soft toys (knitted, sewn, crocheted, felted etc), sell them and donate the money to help support the animals financially.

By Melina Mitchell (Facebook Melina Illustrates)

If you wish, you can still donate your creations to any branch of our library, and we will arrange a sales stall.

Not crafty? You can still help by donating fabrics. Check at your local library for what are suitable fabrics.

Thank you for so much for your support.







Animal Rescue Craft Guild (where the patterns are from)

Australia’s Red Cross Disaster relief and recovery fund helps support evacuation centers and recovery programs for the affected communities.

The NSW Rural Fire Service has a donation page to support the firefighting efforts in New South Wales.…/support-your-local-brigade

The RSPCA bushfire appeal is used to protect the pets, livestock and wildlife affected by bushfires, helping evacuate animals from disaster zones.

The World Wildlife Fund accepts donations to help support conservation activities, particularly related to koalas. Money can help provide emergency care during bushfires.…/2019-trees-appeal-koala-crisis…

Animal emergency relief organisation SAVEM – South Australian Veterinarian Emergency Management – is also taking donations, with massive losses predicted for wildlife and livestock on the island.

Super Smash Reading Challenge 2019 for young New Zealanders

Registration is open for the Super Smash Reading Challenge! This is a partnership between Read NZ Te Pou Muramura and New Zealand Cricket. Primary and intermediate-aged children are invited to register online for free and choose their local cricket team to ‘play’ for.

Click here to sign up

Find out all about it here

Players log the books they read over the summer, along with a star rating and short review (maximum of two per day). A leader board keeps track of the Super Smash teams as they move up and down the rankings accordingly. 

Paper Plus gift cards are up for grabs every day of the Super Smash cricket tournament, which ends 19 January 2020. There are lots of other spot prizes on offer, including books and signed sports gear from NZ Cricket, along with double passes to games.

PressReader changes November 2019

Do you use PressReader app? Changes have occurred in the digital distribution of content provided by the publisher Stuff Ltd. Starting on November 1st 2019, Stuff content is no longer  available to users through the PressReader app across all platforms.

It will also no longer be available ‘offsite’ meaning that our patrons will no longer be able to access Stuff titles using the library website or logging into the PressReader website using their library card credentials. Stuff Ltd titles are still available ‘on-site’ when connected to the libraries HotSpot via the public WIFI. Patrons are able to do this on their own devices, or our library laptops, as long as they are using the website and not the PressReader app.

So, in other words, to access some particular titles, you will need to be in one of our libraries using the free APNK wifi to access

Below is a list of the Stuff titles that are affected:

Sunday Star Times
Sunday News
Southland Times (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
Waikato Times (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
Dominion Post (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
The Press (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
Nelson Mail (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
Timaru Herald (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
Manawatu Standard (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
Taranaki Daily News (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
Marlborough Express
TV Guide
NZ House and Garden
NZ Gardener

Tararua District Library has a new mobile app!

Tararua District Library is excited to announce the availability of their new intuitive mobile app, also called Tararua District Library. Available for iOS and Android, this app makes it easy to use the library even if a member is not physically in the library.

Tararua District Library app makes it easy to digitally browse the library’s collection, get details on items, make a selection, checkout or place a hold for later pickup, and even renew items previously checked out. E-Books can be checked out too with the touch of a button.

The app’s location finder lets members find the location and operating hours of our nearest library location. Comprehensive account management is built-in too, including the ability to place and renew holds, view your fines and fees, and for families, members can link together digital library cards to easily manage multiple accounts.  Another awesome feature is that you can use it in a bookshop, to scan the ISBN and see if we have that book available, and then put a hold on it right away.

This app replaces the current app, named Bookmyne. The library would like all members to know that the former app should be uninstalled from their devices and the new app is available for download now. The former app will not be available after 31 October 2019.

If you are interested in downloading Tararua District Library’s new app search for ‘Tararua District Library’ in your app store today. If you need assistance downloading the app, please contact the library and a staff member will be happy to guide you through the process.

Little Ears toddler storytime : Term 4 2019

YOLO kids bookclub : Term 4 2019

Free book club for children aged 8-12. Talk about   books you love (not compulsory, so don’t worry if   you’re shy) and do other fun stuff too.

 Led by a friendly neighbourhood librarian!

Dannevirke : Monday 14 Oct 4 to 5pm ; 4 Nov ; 25 Nov; 16 December.

Pahiatua:  Monday 14 Oct 3.30 to 4.30pm ; 4 Nov ; 25 Nov ; 16 December.

Eketahuna : Thursday 24 October 3.15-4.00pm ; 21 Nov ; 19 Dec. (themes 1, 2, & 4)

Woodville:  Tuesday 15 October 3.15-4.00pm ; 5 Nov ; 26 Nov ; 17 December.

THEMES:  each session has it’s own theme that will be discussed at that session so please be prepared beforehand ; (1st) select a “You Choose” series book to read ; (2nd) read a book with a boring cover ; (3rd) read a fantasy genre book ; (4th) finale – prizes/games.

2019 Children’s Book Awards Quiz – Summary

It was a great night across the District  and a very close result. The winning team was St Jo’s Bookworms, of St Joseph’s School, Dannevirke. Well done to everyone who participated.


2019 Scores

St Jo’s Bookworms – 2019 Champions

Baftah – highest scoring team at Pahiatua

Quizzical Readers


Review: Animal record breakers by Steve Parker

I really liked this book because it tells you what animals are good at doing.

Did you know that the Reticulated Python is the longest snake recorded, and it can surround a crocodile and crush it to death. When dead the python will swallow the crocodile whole because it has no teeth to chew with.

by Duncan Cunningham (7)

Book reviews: Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat : Scuba-Cat by James Dean

Pete the cat went scuba diving.  He hopes  to see lots of fish.  “If you are lucky you might see a sea horse” says Captain Joe.

Pete looks for a seahorse. Pete waves to a stingray. He sees a blow-fish  it puffs up.

by Pearl  Cunningham  (5)




Review : ‘Cool Nukes’ by Des Hunt

For 13-year-old genius Max Taylor the science competition was going to go as it always has, that was until a series of explosions coming from his professor friend’s house, then after a robbery happened that was supposedly done by the professor, it was clear that something was going wrong.

Max had a good theory that it had been about what the professor was studying. And what he was doing for his science project. A device that could generate Cold Fusion…

This book is a fictional book that has facts webbed into it, thus suggesting the incredible amount of research. As the plot unfolds, the suspense only rises. with each page turn, an unexpected twist could happen. Action, adventure and science, it truly is a masterpiece.  




Review : Captain underpants and the sensational saga of Sir Stinks-a-lot

 In the start there was a comic about the story so far and in the book as every

scientist will tell you that there is an ever expanding universe. In one of

those solar systems, there is a planet called smart earth. Everyone who

lives on smart earth is a genius and everything is called something with

smart in front of the product. Sure they do have Mcdonalds but its called

smart Mcdonalds. One time a smart scientist did an experiment with smart

coke, smart pop rocks and the highly voltage: smart mentos. The smart

earth went CIMBA-LOOSHI! One of the small pieces of the earth went to

our earth heading for Piqua, Ohio. Mr Meaner saw the small piece He said

it tastes like chicken and swallowed hard. The two doctors said are you ok.

Mr Meaner said he already had enough time in this place so he went

straight to the door. One of the doctors said help we have a runner!

Another doctor ran and blocked the exit/entrance. Your not going

anywhere! Mr Meaner smirked at the doctors with pity, this was going to be

too easy. I have some advice for you. Well to bad cause we’re not going to

follow your advice, is that so! well I advise you to not follow my advice. Well

said the doctors, we’re not going to follow that advice, so if we don’t follow

that advice, then aren’t we following his advice? The two irritated doctors

are entangled in their deep conversation and didn’t even realize Mr meaner

had walk straight out the door. Now is our chance to escape to said Ms

Ribble. Mr Meaner and the rest of the teachers went to the hill. Mr Meaner

told the rest of the teachers to go back to their job and nothing is to look

suspicious. But we want to be evil to Mr Rect whined, don’t worry my dear

minions said Mr Meaner there are days to come. Things went back to

normal. The teachers taught, the students studied … and George and

Harold went back to their own mischief. Mr Meaner was at his house,

making a new formula. Perfect said Mr Meaner now I can try it out and I

know exactly two kids to use it on. Up at George’s tree house, they did their

normal yesterday versions of themselves. At school when it was gym class

for yesterday George and yesterday Harold, Mr Meaner excused the class

except yesterday George and yesterday Harold. You two in my office now!

Yelled Mr Meaner. George said we didn’t do anything probably.

In—-my—–office—-now! Yesterday George and yesterday Harold climbed

onto the sticky vinyl chairs and held their breath. First I will need you two to

help me with a little experiment, say hello to my stinky friends! He shouted

as brown clouds coming from the small metal balls behind his crusty pits.

Your late for class shouted their math teacher, Miss Calculator. We are

very sorry said yesterday George and yesterday Harold robotically. And

for that said Miss Calculator I’m going to give you two extra homework.

Thank you dear teacher said yesterday George. After the end of school,

yesterdayGeorge and yesterdayHarold went to every classroom asking for

more homework and the teachers gladly piled it on. That afternoon

yesterdayGeorge and yesterdayHarold went up to the treehouse. Whoa!

Shouted George what happened today!??! It was a great day, the

teachers were so kind and they gave us 17 pounds of homework! 17

pounds of homework!??! Shouted Harold we’re doomed. No we are not

we can work together and it will be fun! Never in a million years did

George and Harold said a sentence with fun and homework. At suppertime

yesterday george and yesterday Harold went to their families and had

dinner. We bought you some food for you said yesterday Harold. We’re

going to be working all night! You two boys finish you work and we will

go to school again tomorrow. said yesterday George. Really? said

George you want to go to school two days in a row!??! Mr Meaner was

spraying everyone with his new mind formula, Rid-O-Kid 2000. Hello to my

stinky friends said Mr Meaner with each squirt. The Rid-O-Kid 2000 makes

students role models. Yeah, but isn’t Rid-O-Kid 2000 dangerous? asked Ms

Ribble. Not for us said Mr Meaner it only affects kids not adults, so we are

immune. Adults will pay through the nose for that kind of thing said Mr

Krupp. Back at the tree house, George and Harold are swamped with more

and more with homework. Let’s take a break and watch some TV said

George. OK said Harold. George flipped through the channels and found a

familiar face. Hey! Shouted George what is Mr Meaner doing on TV. they

watch Mr Meaner’s advertisement with horror. I knew something was

wrong, said George. The genius gym teacher sprayed the town with his

Rid-O-Kid 2000. George and Harold ran Melvins house and go into the time

traveling squid suit and went forward 20 years. George and Harold went to

old George’s house. They told old George and old Harold to come to the

past and help save their past. Old George and old Harold went to Mr

Krupps house and rang the doorbell. What do you people want! Shouted

Mr Krupp, we need the help of an old friend said old Harold snapping his

fingers. Well, answer me! Mr Krupp screamed. Mr Meaner and his stinky

kong suit was coming closer. The stinky kong started to beat up old George

and old Harold. Hey don’t kill those guys said Mr Krupp. Hey look, Mr

Krupp just dried his face! Old George and old Harold reached out and

snapped their fingers, snap snap. A silly smile spread across Mr Krupps

face. He tore off his clothes and tied the red towel around his neck. The

battle of the century is about to begin. Soon Captain Underpants destroyed

the stinky kong suit and Mr Meaner ended up in jail. He told one of the

guards to make an egg-salad sandwich. 5 minutes later, he grabbed the

egg-salad sandwich and scarfed it all down and then he started to grow

grow and grow until he was a big, highly intelligent spark. Captain

Underpants! Shouted Mr Meaner come out and play-yay. Captain

Underpants hit Mr Meaner with a telephone pole. You two knows a lot

about Captain Underpants said Mr Meaner as he raised his hand above old

George and old Harold. Soon he knew everything old George and old

Harold knew. He knew how they made Captain Underpants, but he also

knew how to DESTROY Captain Underpants. You better let them go!

Shouted Captain Underpants or i’m gonna—-your not going to do anything!

Shouted Mr Meaner as he splashed some water on Captain Underpants

head. AAAAAAhhhhh! He screamed as he fell onto the ground with a

terrifying sound effect. Wait shouted Mr Meaner, he’s not even hurt! So you

have alien superpower in your DNA! Shouted Mr Meaner well I will just

have to extract it. Sooner or later, Mr Meaner has superpowers. Old

George and old Harold made a telepathic signal radiated, George and

Harold didn’t pick it up, but luckily someone else did! Tony,Orlando and

Dawn went for the nearest shopping center and got some coke, mentos

and some pop rocks. CHEF GOAL-BLOOM! Soon the factory was

destroyed. The crowd of people watched as old George and old Harold

came out from the mess. Hooray shouted the crowd. Tony, Orlando and

Dawn popped out. Yippee! shouted the crowd. Mr Meaner popped out.

Awwww man! moaned the crowd.



Review: My life as a Joke

I picked “My life as a joke” by Janet Tashjian because my YOLO book club mate said it was very funny and I like humorous books.

Derek is a kid who has loads of unlucky events in his life, but when he thinks it can’t get any worse, things get WORSE. Luckily for him, he’s got his friends, Matt, Umberto and Carly and his pets, Bodi and Frank, for back-up. Derek has to put up with things from fainting in science class to turning what was supposed to be a monster truck party into a bouncy castle mess.

Derek thinks being twelve is hard, and everyone can all agree on that. Fortunately, Derek’s life eventually begins to improve, and during this turnaround he gets to hang out with a skate-boarding god…

I thought my mate was right, it was really funny. I giggled to myself whenever something funny happened. I enjoyed the book and will definitely look for others in the series.

Thank you!


Book review: Let sleeping dragons lie

I give the book “Let Sleeping Dragons Lie” of the fantasy/medieval genre, written by Garth Nix and illustrated by Sean Williams, a 5/5 rating because like the book, “Have sword will travel” this is the sequel to it.

It is jam packed with adventure, tension and a medieval theme which helps to make this book such an interesting and fun read at a staggering 271 pages.

Shawn D.

Wai Word : events in Wairarapa

 Rawiri Smith, storyteller, presents “Environmental Writing as Voice”, at the Community Courthouse, 60 Holloway Street, Carterton. Free entry.


Saturday 12th October, 10.30 – 1.30pm
Acclaimed author Pip Adam is highly regarded for her skills in facilitating creative writing workshops. The author of The New Animals (which won NZ’s top fiction prize at the 2018 Ockham Book Awards), I’m Working on a Building, and Everything We Hoped For (NZ Post Best First Book Award). The emphasis of this workshop will be on building skills to equip participants to reflect on their writing work. Note: venue is not accessible to wheelchairs. Adults only.
Aratoi Meeting Room (above i-Site)
Corner of Dixon & Bruce Streets, Masterton 
Tickets @ i-Sites and online:
Presented by Wairarapa Word and Kokomai.
Supported by Masterton Creative Communities Scheme.
Photo: Victoria Birkinshaw

A free and friendly way to meet other writers.
Supported by Carterton Creative Communities Scheme unless otherwise stated.

For information, or to volunteer, contact Almo’s Books: 379 7103.
Our Facebook page is here at this link.

6 OCTOBER – Environment & Te Ao Māori with Rawiri (Ra) Smith 
12 OCTOBER – Writing workshop with
Pip Adam as part of Kokomai (this event is sponsored by Masterton Creative Communities Scheme)
3 NOVEMBER – Tour of Outdoor Poems (in Masterton) with Chris Daniell
1 DECEMBER – End of Year Gathering at Almo’s Books / Page 42 Cafe


Tuesday 17 September
12.30-1.30, “First Map” Book Launch with Tessa Duder

at Aratoi, 12 Bruce St, Masterton.
Meet Tessa Duder and hear the story of how James Cook charted Aotearoa New Zealand. Presented by Hedleys and HarperCollins. Free entry. Please RSVP: / 06 378 02875

Tuesdays, 17 September – 3 December 
1:30-4:30 p.m, Carterton Library’s Writer in Residence: Free writing coaching sessions
Author and writing coach Catherine Cooper offers  one-hour sessions at the library for individuals or small groups. All styles and genres are welcome, although her focus is on fiction and memoir writing. Telephone (379 4080) or visit the library (open Mon-Sat) to reserve your place. Supported by Carterton Creative Communities Scheme.

Tuesday 24 September 
3.30-4.30pm – THE BOOK LOVERS CORNER on Arrow FM (92.7fm)

A radio show on 4th Tuesday of month, and available online anytime!
Presented by Almo’s Books

Maths Is Fun School Holiday Programme 2019

Maths is fun “Shapeshifters” programme  for children school Year 1 to 8

Facilitated by REAP, and run by qualified teachers, our libraries offer this free numerical literacy programme for school Year 1 to Year 8.  Enrolments open 16 Sept 2019 – contact your library.

The sessions are designed specifically for each age group, with fun maths activities that spark the imagination, and let children see how maths can be used in real life. Kids cannot be registered in levels outside of their school year level. More info:  Maths is Fun website

What is your level?

Level 1 = Year 1 & 2
Level 2 = Year 3 & 4
Level 3 = Year 5 & 6
Level 4 = Year 7 & 8

SESSIONS (MUST be booked in as places limited)

Dannevirke Library (NZ)

Level 1 : Monday 7 Oct / Tuesday 8 Oct : 9.30am to 12pm both days

Level 2 : Monday 7 Oct / Tuesday 8 Oct : 1pm to 3.30pm both days

Level 3 : Wednesday 9 Oct : 11am to 1pm, 1.30pm to 4.30pm (bring lunch & drink)

Level 4 : Thurs 10 Oct : 9.30am to 12pm, 1pm to 3.30pm (bring lunch & drink)

Pahiatua Library

Level 1 : Monday 30 Sept / Tues 1 Oct : 9.30am to noon both days

Level 2: Monday 30 Sept / Tues 1 Oct : 1pm to 3.30pm both days

Level 3 : Wednesday 2 Oct : 9.30am to noon, 1pm to 3.30pm (bring lunch & drink)

Level 4: Thursday 3 Oct 9.30am to noon, 1pm to 3.30pm (bring lunch & drink)

Woodville Library

Level 1: Monday 30 Sept / Tues 1 Oct : 10.30am to 12.30pm both days

Level 2: Monday 30 Sept / Tues 1 Oct : 1.30pm to 4.00pm both days

Level 3 : Wednesday 2 Oct : 10am to 12.30pm, 1.30pm to 4.00pm (bring lunch & drink)

Level 4: Thursday 3 Oct : 10am to 12.30pm, 1.30pm to 3.30pm (bring lunch & drink)

Eketahuna Library

Level 1: Monday 7 Oct / Tuesday 8 Oct : 10.30am to 12.30pm both days

Level 2: Monday 7 Oct / Tuesday 8 Oct 1.30pm to 3.30pm both days

Level 3 : Wednesday 9 Oct : 10.45am to 3.30pm (bring lunch & drink)

Level 4: Thursday 10 Oct : 10.30am to 3.30pm (bring lunch & drink)