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Ebooks won’t be the death of us!

February 20, 2013

For those who are worried that ebooks may spell the demise of public libraries, there are several reports (such as the one below) that indicate that, in fact, more people are using libraries in new ways.  So even if physical book issues do diminish, libraries still remain important.

New Tech City: New Report on Libraries Transforming in the Digital Age – WNYC.

Te Takere

Te Takere

Libraries are about disseminating knowledge and information, and often provide other resources for the community to use – they are not simply a repository for books. For example, in Tararua District we provide free fast broadband computers and free unlimited wifi at all our branches, and free ebooks also. We have books of course, plus newspapers, comics, jigsaws, DVDs, magazines, and people come to use those as well as meet friends or relax in the space.

Levin’s new facility Te Takere is a good example of what can be achieved.  Although containing books, it also has the council service centre, a travel agency, AA centre, over 60 computer terminals, a recording studio, a cafe, a large community space, an outdoor area, a dedicated youth area, a movie theatre, display cases, conference facilities and more!   (We’re only a little bit envious … yeah, right!)

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